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Inform@tizzare (computerise) conceptually born in the first 80 years with the advent of the first home computer. And 'from now that Claudio Carcassi realized the potential of software as a tool to support business processes organised so far only on paper. Driven by a passion for the programming begins to develop in 1987, Clipper and achieve the first dedicated to management companies.
During this period was acquired the necessary experience to understand up to fund the needs of customers and software increasingly effective.
At the dawn of the Web you start to see a change in the scenario of economic and technological development, linked to languages Generation IV oriented programming objects. The strength of database experience during these long years Claudio based Inform@tizzare. From this moment applications are migrated on web platform, various relationships lead to acquire the necessary skills to develop on Microsoft Asp, Visual Basic and PHP, on Access database, SQL Server and MySql. Today inform@tizzare is active in all technologies that affect the development of web applications.

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