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Info@Abbigliamento - Management shop clothing & footwear
Full-featured software for managing a clothing store and / or footwear, produced around the shopkeeper and his staff to better meet every need of those who work directly in contact with customers and at the same time wants to have the situation of stock and costs , Under control and always updated. It manages every minute detail of any clothing item and / or footwear, print labels with bar codes searches very precise and more…
Price :
980,00 € *
Support :
250,00 € *  (Advance)
Updates :
250,00 € *  (from the second year)
Use mode :
On Line
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NB : All versions are fully functional demonstration and without any limit.
The data included are visible to all users who may at any time modify and / or delete them. The archives are zeroed at the beginning of each week and all data deleted at the discretion of Informatizzare.
* All prices are excluding VAT.
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