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Info@Panifici - Management & invoices for good bakeries
The software manages the process for the production, delivery and billing of craft products from the kiln. It allows the issuing and printing of good daily with the grouping and printing of invoice deferred at the end of the month. In addition accurately calculate the cost of any industrial product, as well as manage the simplicity trusted client list on personal items and quantities that make up the individual product, suppliers and articles. It could not miss the management of the lots for traceability product.
Price :
980,00 € *
Support :
250,00 € *  (Advance)
Updates :
250,00 € *  (from the second year)
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On Line
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The data included are visible to all users who may at any time modify and / or delete them. The archives are zeroed at the beginning of each week and all data deleted at the discretion of Informatizzare.
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